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-The Author-

Helen McCarthy


I was a single parent and determined to give my children the life I never knew. My son was in a family daycare and I frequently found myself staying with the kids and child care provider so I decided to open my own day care. It was an instant success and always had a waiting list. I was able to purchase my own home and opened a family daycare.  It was a 4 room preschool full of love and laughter.  I had 35 years of enjoying and working with preschoolers.  I would say "children have a way of teaching us what we need to learn".  I was constantly taking courses to educate myself in early education; children were my motivation for almost everything in my life. I would find myself making up stories to tell them when they fell down or when they were sad to make them smile again. Two of those stories are my first two children’s books. I hope you and your children enjoy them.



               Helen's books have been sold at:  The Paper Stores,                         The Arnold Arboretum on Lilac Sunday, Cape                     Air The Daffodil Festival, Rochester Lilac Festival,      , Barnes and Noble. and                   here at her website, 



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